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     Our Language Arts program consists of 6 units.  Three units are taught before Christmas and three are taught after Christmas.


Unit 1  There are different kinds of communities.  

Unit 2  Nature can teach us many things.     

Unit 3  We learn from each other.  

Unit 4  We can all make a difference.  

Unit 5  Living things change over time.  

Unit 6  A surprise can change your life.  


     Each unit covers some form of the following skills:  vocabulary strategies, phonics, comprehension, fluency, writing, spelling, and grammar.






Our Math program consists of 14 units.  Seven are taught before Christmas, and seven are taught after Christmas.

Unit 1  Understanding addition and subtraction

Unit 2  Measurement and shapes  

Unit 3  Solving story problems  

Unit 4  Triangles and Quadrilaterals   

Unit 5  Addition to 200

Unit 6  Time

Unit 7  Tables and graphs

Unit 8  Diagonals and Midpoints

Unit 9  Subtracting 2 digit numbers

Unit 10 Shapes and patterns

Unit 11 3 digit addition and subtraction

Unit 12 Metric measurement and 3D shapes

Unit 13 Multiplication and Fractions

Unit 14 Non-standard units of measure