Fundraisers are an essential part of funding our school.  Although our families sacrifice to pay tuition for our children to attend this school, in reality it takes much more money to run the school.  Each year we have operating expenses, tuition, and fees. Christ the King Parish gives $150,000 in a set subsidy, and pays for any major repair costs for our building.  This still leaves a large amount that we must make up in fundraising.  This money buys supplies, pays personnel, and covers utilities.

Our goal is to continue to increase school enrollment so we can meet our expenses without as much fundraising, but we simply aren’t there yet.  I ask that every family take an active part in our school’s fundraisers.  We work very hard to make sure our expectations per family for each fundraiser are not overwhelming.  IF everyone works to meet goals for each one, then the burden is easier for everyone.