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Our Language Arts program is composed of 6 units as follows:

1.  Friendly Faces

2.  Show and Tell

3.  Outside My Door

4.  Let's Find Out

5.  Growing and Changing

6.  Look At Us

Three units are completed first semester with the remaining three units completed second semester.  Students are assessed with the student workbook, daily oral review, high frequency words, decodable readers, and blending sounds to make words, unit review, and unit tests. 

Our Math program is also composed of 6 units as follows:

1. Understand numbers 1-10

2.  Explore 5-groups

3.  Teen numbers as tens and ones

4.  Partners, Problem Solving, and Tens

5.  Consolidation f Concepts

6.  Money, Time, Measurement, and Numbers

Three units are completed first semester with the other three units being completed second semester. Students are assessed with ongoing assessments in every lesson with the student workbook and homework and remembering.  We also have quick practice and activities with manipulatives for the lessons.  Students are formally assessed with the unit review and the unit test.


Our Religion program focuses on Catholic teachings appropriate for young children.  Basic morals and values are stressed.