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It is my pleasure to have your child in my classroom this year!  I consider each family member a vital and valuable member of your child's educational team.  It is my job to lead your child forward in the learning process.  As with any growth, there may be growing pains as we muddle our way thru middle school!  It is my goal to teach my students skills that will benefit them beyond just my classroom walls.  My plan is to provide the framework for self-motivation and self-discipline that will ensure self-confidence as they encounter new experiences.  I want my students to become independent thinkers and organizers.  All of these goals could produce some growing pains as I stress the importance of returning assignments, asking questions, becoming responsible , and following directions, but I can promise you will see positive results in your child's growth!

I recently read an article about  Pope Francis stressing the importance of embracing a joyous attitude in our own lives: " Challenges exist to be overcome! Let us be realists, but without losing our joy, our boldness, and our hope-filled commitment....."  Teaching our children to encompass this attitude of joy and hope will help them live happy and purpose-filled lives.  The article continues by stating that a big component of living a joyous and healthy life is embracing laughter.  Research has proven laughter is good for us mentally and physically.  I have a poster above my desk that says: "A DAY WITHOUT LAUGHTER IS A DAY WASTED."  I wholeheartedly believe and live that.  You may observe laughter in my classroom and wonder if there is any learning taking place, but I can assure you that laughter is an  essential part of the learning environment in middle school!  Not only does laughter build a bond with my students, but it encourages them to have a positive outlook on life which should help them cope with daily life struggles.  It is my prayer that I can reach and teach my students how to react and cope with anything they may encounter.  Living life as a joyous person will make life's challenges a little easier for us all.

Please feel free to contact me at school or via text or email at anytime, because parent communication is essential to our educational goals.  I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year!

Crista Bugg