SCRIP is an easy "free money" fundraiser for the school.


 SCRIP can be purchased at the school or ordered online.  AT CTK, we keep an inventory of SCRIP cards to purchase immediately.  Just come into school to purchase from the following businesses: 

Applebees         Arby's     Barnes and Noble     Bass Pro Shop

Bath & Body Works     Bed, Bath, and Beyond    Best Buy     Burger King

Burlington Coat Factory     Cabelas     Cracker Barrel    CVS

Dairy Queen     Dick's Sporting Goods     Dillards     Domino's Pizza

Gamestop     Gordmans     Hallmark     Home Depot     JCPenney

KFC     Kohls     Little Caesars     Long John Silvers     Lowes

Macys     Menards     Panera Bread     Papa Johns Pizza     Peebles

Pizza Hut     Sam's Club     Sears     Subway     Target     Toys R Us

Walgreens     Walmart


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Scrip is a free fundraiser for Christ the King School.  SCRIP means “substitute money.”  When you purchase SCRIP, you are purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash.  You can use SCRIP to purchase everyday items such as food, clothing, and other essentials, and for your Christmas shopping!  You do your regular shopping at your regular stores, and these stores pay the school a percentage of what you spend!  It’s really easy to do, but you do have to plan ahead. 


To use Scrip:

1.  You need a ShopwithScrip account.  Go to to create your account (instructions are on the back).  Our enrollment code is 4A32479317889.  Enroll yourself, your family, your friends.


2.  You order your Scrip on the website through your account.  Some are ecards, some are reloadable giftcards, some you purchase a new card every time.  Details are on the website. You make your order and it is sent to our coordinator, Leesa Boone.  She combines all our family orders into one order every Friday morning.   She processes the orders and we will receive the Scrip on Monday to distribute Tuesday. 


3.  You can pay for your order in two ways, you pay the school by Thursday at 3pm on the week you order, or you can use Prestopay on the ShopwithScrip website.  Prestopay is a convenient payment system where your payment is securely transferred via electronic debit, then you don’t have to drop off checks to school.  Prestopay is not a credit card system, so it only costs 15 cents per order.  It is a direct deposit system.  Find Prestopay under Family Functions on your ShopwithScrip account Dashboard.  


4.  This system is really easy to use, and has a fast turn around.  Order Scrip for the stores you normally shop and keep them handy.  Order Scrip from the places you plan to do your Christmas Shopping from.  A little bit of planning ahead can mean a big return for the school! 


Orders will be taken every week.  Order deadline is every Thursday at 3pm.  This is also the pay deadline.  You must pay through Prestopay or bring check to the school by Thursday at 3pm for your order to be processed that week.