Christ the King Catholic School is a valuable institution in our community.  The school provides an excellent faith-based education to children in our community.  Our primary goal is to provide affordable faithful education to every family in our area who wants their child in a Christian environment that is known for academic excellence. 


Affordability is the key word.  Every family at Christ the King pays tuition to send their child to our school, however, we recognize that every family has different means available to them, and we never turn a family away based on their ability to pay for their child’s education. 


Christ the King fundraises to make up the difference between tuition we collect, the support Christ the King Catholic Church gives, and the actual cost to educate our students.  Our Fundraising goal is $100,000.


We have several opportunities for local businesses and individuals to contribute to the worthy cause of Catholic Education at Christ the King!   All donations are tax deductible. 


1.  $1000 DONATION – SPONSORS ALL OUR EVENTS FOR 2018 and our Sports Programs.  We hold several events each year which are open to the public and give your business a chance to show the citizens of18424204_1920730598185105_3229025951502388115_n_1_1.jpg Hopkins County your support.  These are:  

            OUR ANNUAL BBQ PICNIC – Held on the Saturday in September (9-22-18 this year). This BBQ festival brings out a large crowd to feast on homemade BBQ.  Sponsors are recognized throughout the event with announcements and signage, receive 2 dinner tickets and 1 t-shirt.

            OUR LADIES AUCTION –  this event auction brings together community ladies for fun and fellowship.  Items are auctioned.   Sponsors are recognized with signage and announcements.   


            SPORTS – We have archery, basketball, and Cross Country.  $1000 Sponsors receive a gym banner proclaiming their support which hangs for the entire year.


2.  $500 DONATION – SPONSORS 1 EVENT and SPORTS PROGAMS.  Chooses from the 3 events above, and also receive a gym banner.


3.  $250 DONATION – SPORTS SPONSOR or MARDI GRAS SPONSOR.  Receive a gym banner supporting our Sports Teams, OR 2 tickets and advertising at our Mardi Gras Fundraiser. 


4.  $150 DONATION – PICNIC SPONSOR.  .  Sponsors are recognized throughout the event with announcements and signage, receive 2 dinner tickets and 1 t-shirt.


5.  $100 DONATION – SCHOOL SPIRIT SPONSOR.  Sponsors are recognized on a group banner.  Sponsor receives CTK Spirit Shirt. 


Thank you so much for your support of Catholic Education in our community. 


Please email or call the school at or 270-821-8271. Include your logo or any change from last year in your email.  Tell us the Sponsor’s Name as it is to appear for  advertising and other items, the contact name, phone number, logo if new, and what level of sponsorship you wish to do. 


Thank you again for your support and God bless!


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