Christ the King School is a parochial school supported financially and spiritually by Christ the King Parish.  The school observes the laws of the Church, the state laws pertaining to non-public education, and the rules and regulations of the Diocese of Owensboro's Catholic Schools Office.  These rules and regulations can be found in the Diocesan Handbook for Catholic Schools and are approved by the Diocesan Committee for Total Catholic Education.  The Bishop has final say in all manners over the school.  The Parish Priest is the Episcopal Vicar for the school.  The school council formulates policy.  The principal fulfills the policies of the Diocese of Owensboro, the Episcopal Vicar, and the school board.


The School Council is called into being by the pastor and parish and is given is mission to provide quality Catholic education for all those children whose parents desire to take advantage of such an opportunity.  To be a school council member is to accept a mission and to bring to that mission one's talents, wisdom, experience, faith life, and good will.  The School Council has specific areas of responsibility.  Policy development and recommendation is the role of the School Council, and to ensure the financial wellbeing of the school.  Implementation of policy is accomplished by the directives of the administrator of the school.