Registration Procedures

1. Complete registration papers. In order for a child's place to be held for the coming school year, parents must turn in a completed registration form and the required non-refundable deposit as set forth by the annual Tuition Policy. 

2.  Register the child under his/her legal name.

3.  Present new KY immunization Certificate for all students and KY Physical Form/KY Eye Exam for Kindergarten (and all new transfer students). These forms must be returned no later than the first day of school or the child cannot attend until they are on record.

4.  Present the child's Birth Certificate for the Department of Vital Statistics to prove legal age.

5.  Present a Baptisimal Certificate for every Catholic student.

6.  File a custody statement with the school office for students of separated/divorced families.

7.  Complete all required paperwork including Financial Contract.



Pupil Withdrawal


Student withdrawal notices must be received in writing.  Only written notice of withdrawal will sever the financial contract that a family has made with the school for the school year. 


Financial Obligations Upon Withdrawal

Christ the King Catholic School creates its operating budget based on the financial contracts it makes with its families each year. Student withdrawal from the school during the school year creates a financial hardship on the school.  Families who withdraw after registration retain the following financial obligations:

·         Registered students who withdraw before the first day of school are responsible for ¼ of the full tuition amount. 

·         Registered students who withdraw after the first full day of school and December 15th are responsible for ½ of the full tuition amount. 

·         Registered students who withdraw after December 15th are responsible for the full tuition amount. 

Non-payment of financial obligations to the school will result in the school withholding records until all obligations are met.  Records will be mailed directly to the school requesting them upon receiving a request and release form for records.  Records are not sent through the student or parent.