Tuition Reduction Policy

In order to fulfill the Catholic ministry of Christ The King School to ensure that families who desire a rigorous, Catholic Christian education for their children have access to our school, regardless of financial status, tuition reduction, to the extent possible within the school’s operating budget, will be given in a fair and equitable manner. Assistance decisions are made by the pastor or his designee.


  The following procedures are mandatory for any family to receive tuition reduction:

  •   Every family requesting a reduction must apply annually.  
  •  Families requesting tuition reduction must complete a Tuition Reduction Application through TADS management using
  • Every family requesting tuition reduction needs to also apply for a scholarship through the CTK Trust organization.  The CTK Trust is an independent group who award scholarships to students at Christ the King based on need and merit. See Erin Clark in the school office for more information about how to complete this application.  
  • Families approved for Tuition Reduction must make regular monthly payments, in an amount agreed upon by all parties in the Financial Contract. Failure to maintain those monthly payments will make the family ineligible for Tuition Reduction in the upcoming year.
  •  Every family receiving reduced tuition must submit a signed Service Time agreement.  Families receiving reduced tuition are required to provide the school with equitable service time dependent on the amount of assistance received.
  •   All families will be required to pay assessed fees, regardless of assistance level.
  •    Tuition assistance will not exceed 90% of total family tuition, excluding fees. 


Procedures for Tuition Reduction

1.    All applications will be kept confidential

2.    Applications for tuition reduction will be due with registration paperwork or at any time that a family’s financial position changes.

   To To apply for Tuition Reduction, please go to and complete a financial aid assessment. 


1.Go to and click on financial aid assessment.                     2.  Click on create an account and fill in the information requested.

                3.  After you submit the requested information, on the next screen choose Kentucky, Madisonville, and then Christ the King School.

                4.  Click on the Acknowledgement and begin your application.  The application process will require financial information for your family.  Please have your w2's, tax forms, pay stub, and other financial records regarding family debt ready to fill in the required information.  There is a $42 fee to process your application.

TheThe school will receive a report from your applciation within a week, and you will be contacted by the TADS committee.                                                                              ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.