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Christ the King Catholic School

Christ the King Catholic School is a fully accredited private school for Pre-Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle education located in Madisonville, KY serving Hopkins County and its surrounding areas.
At Christ the King Catholic School, every child is valued, loved, and expected to achieve at the highest levels.  Every day is filled with the love of God and a deepening understanding of Christian faith.  

Our private school community is made up of students, teachers, administrator, staff, parents, and parishioners.  It is a faithful community of Christians who come together to make Christ present in a special way.

To fulfill the mission of the school, the whole community must cooperate within a spirit of mutual respect, trust, and understanding. 

Our goal at Christ the King Catholic School is to ensure that every child receives a challenging education, deepens their faith in God and their understanding of the Christian way of life, and enjoys their educational experience.

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