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Hello!  Thank you for visiting my webpage!  I have been teaching for 8 years in various schools, and I am happiest right where I am at Christ the King.  I got my undergraduate degree from UK (GO CATS!) and my Masters Degree in Education from Milligan Christian College in Johnson City, Tennessee!  I have a passion for Literature, Grammar, and helping students learn to read.  I have a desire to build a great rapport with families at our school because I believe I am not the primary teacher of your children!  You are!  But together, we can turn out some brilliant leaders and Christ-lovers! 

This year I teach 4th and 5th grade Character Education and 6th grade Language Arts!  I love teaching smaller classes and I feel so blessed to teach Character Education!  We do all sorts of character building activities, most recently pulling weeds around the school building!  I am also the Special Needs Coordinator which means you can find me all over the building during my Special Instruction classes.  I may be in my room working on beginning reading strategies or I may be collaborating with a teacher to help a student be successful in his/her classroom.  I also work with students on "social skills" ranging from "how to be a good friend" to "what to do when I get angry."  I am constantly reminded what a great education I got at Milligan where I focused on Special Education.  I believe God put me at a Christian college to help prepare me for my career at CTK!  I apply strategies and concepts from my Master's program on an hourly basis!

My daily schedule is as follows:

1st period:  Planning period

2nd/3rd period:  6th grade Language Arts

4th period:  Small group instruction time

5th period:  5th grade Character Ed

6th period:  4th grade Character Ed

7th period:  Small group instruction time

8th period:  Small group instruction time

Feel free to contact me at any time!