Whole Day Prekindergarten – 8th Grade 

Number of Children                Yearly Tuition            12 month plan


1                      $4560 $380/month
2 $6360 $530/month
3+ $7560 $630/month



                    Number of Children        Yearly Tuition        12 month plan



$7512 $626/month



Half Day Pre-Kindergarten


Number of Children                              Yearly Tuition                   12 month plan


 1                           $2450$ 205/month  



Whole Day Pre-Kindergarten 

Number of Children        Yearly Tuition        12 month plan


 1                      $4872$ 406/month



If a family has one child in Half-Day Pre-Kindergarten and additional child(ren) in K-8th grade then the regular tuition schedule will be followed for 2 or more children.


REGISTRATION = $80 per student

The fee is non-refundable and is due when registration paperwork is turned in.  This fee holds the student’s position in the class.   


Supply Fee = $160 per child

One Supply fee is charged per child in grades PreK-8.  This fee is used for textbook purchases and technology upgrades.  The Supply fee is due July 15. 

Middle School Technology Fee = $200

This is a one time fee charged as students enter middle school to cover costs associated with our 1 to 1 technology program in Middle School.  

SCRIP Fee = $250 per family

Due May 30th of each school year, SCRIP is part of the school's fundraising program.  Every family has the opportunity to raise the SCRIP fee through participation in SCRIP throughout the year.   


Payment Schedule

Tuition and any fees for field trips or after school, etc. are billed as scheduled on family Financial Contract.  Statements are sent out the first of each month.  Accounts that are more than 30 days past due will be assessed a $25 late fee each month.  Statements are sent as a courtesy; however, payments are due whether or not a statement is received. 


Please be advised that the total cost per child for the 2016-2017 school year will be approximately $6500.00.  Tuition and fees cover about 60% of this cost.  Christ the King Parish pays a subsidy totaling $110,000, or about 20% of the cost.  Fundraising and Donations make up the difference. 



Whole Day Prekindergarten – 8th Grade